Developing  new  drug  using  a  novel  drug discovery  platform

with  sustainable  growth  strategy



1. Our mission is to lead novel drug development program by innovative and revolutionary platform.

2. We dedicate ourselves to establishment of straightforward translational R&D strategy for non-clinical and clinical program

3. With our proprietary translational research capability and new drug screening platforms, we innovate the new drug development and lead in overcoming the illness. 

 Established in October, 2018

Developing  new  drug  using

a  novel  drug  discovery  platform

with  sustainable  growth  strategy



Scientific Founder

Sun Jin Kim 

M.D., Ph.D

Former / Executive Vice President, CMO, Executive Director of Research Center, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd 

Former / Professor, Cancer Biology, Clinical Translational & Metastasis Research Center, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center

Former / Invited Scientist of National Cancer Center Research Institute, Tokyo, Japan

Postgraduate School, Seoul National University


College  of Medicine, Seoul National University


College of Natural Science, Seoul National University



[Scholar in Training Award] 

American Association for Cancer Research l 2002

[Bristol-Myers Squibb Award in Clinical Translation Research] 

Bristol-Myers Squibb l 2002

[Scholar in Training Award] 

American Association for Cancer Research l 2001

[Bristol-Myers Squibb Award in Clinical Translation Research] 

Bristol-Myers Squibb l 2001

[The Best Achievement of the Year] 

Korean Urologic Cancer Association l 1998


NCI-sponsored orthotopic animal model training program

chief instructor4.png

Our PLAtform


Platform for Revolutionary Identification & Isolation

of Novel Targets



The growth and spread of a tumor involves the cancer cells themselves as well as the environment around them. Crosstalk of tumor and organ microenvironment should be considered for the establishment of right tumor models for the pre-clinical research and evaluation of anti-cancer drugs. Orthotopic tumor models are powerful tools for mimicking the interaction between tumor and organ microenvironment. The organ-specific microenvironment induces tumor growth and specific signatures similar to that of the original tumor.


1. Limitation in target excavation from discrepancy between preclinical (laboratory) and clinical reality

 - Despite of efforts to hasten the process of drug development using innovative technologies, the current efforts still remain to be low in cost effectiveness. 


2. Tremendous increase in development cost

- Cost to develop new pharmaceutical drug now exceeds $2.5b

- A benchmark report estimates that the cost of bringing a drug to market has more than doubled in the past 10 years


3. Increase of difficulties in developmental process 

 - Complexed regimens: change of analogue concept to digital precision medicine

Proposed solution to overcome unmet needs with


New approach with genomics and proteomics driven platform


Platform for Revolutionary Identification & Isolation of Novel Targets,  PRIINT™

Cross-species hybridization of microarray experiment (CHME)


Custom antibody array with experimental sera from mice 

IHC analyses with experimental tissues from mice

tissues & sera

1. Establishment of precise orthotopic animal models

2. Revolutionary identification & isolation of novel targets with              tissues from orthotopic animal models by bioinformatics

3. Cross-validation of tumor targets in the experimental animal              tissues and human sera/surgical specimens

Confirmed list of novel targets in pancreatic and ovarian cancers;

Expansion to various solid tumors

Confirmed up-regulated protein encoding genes in cancers & application

Protein Characterization

Pathway/Interaction, Class, Localization, Function…


Monitoring Markers



Screening Markers


translational research

"As a systems person, I am a strong believer in using translational tools, including in vivo animal models to further increase positive predictivity. "

Discovering Novel Drug Targets is Complicated, and We all Know about their Low Success Rate in the Clinic. 

With Our Novel Drug Screening Platform, We Innovate the Process of Target Screening.

*Paul Mc... et al.
Biochemical  Pharmacology,87 (2014) 162–171.


CRO / Consultation

Evaluation of efficacy by

orthotopic animal models 


Leading drug repositioning 


Development of therapeutic regimensincluding combination therapies

CRO/Consultation for nonclinical and clinical development